Saturday, September 26, 2009

Random Acts of Creativity

Random Acts of Creativity

This week focuses on everyday creativity, those small precious acts that could easily go unnoticed. At the counseling collective where I spend a great deal of my time, we collect our client fees and keep them in envelopes until our administrator does the deposit. I’m not sure who started the process, but I’m guessing it was a therapist sitting idly through a late cancellation hour, drumming her fingers on the desk, wondering what to do with the unexpected hour, perhaps distractedly doodling on her money envelope. Often creativity comes just like that—unintentionally, and from that place just beyond conscious thought. Anyway, the envelop wound up back in the cash box. The next therapist rummaging through the cash box to find her envelop noticed the “art” and decided to add something unique to her own envelop, and so on, and so on.

What was once rote, lifeless action--stashing cash in a white envelope--has now become a means of self expression. When my money envelope disintegrates from use, I set aside some time to create a new one that expresses something unique about myself, my thoughts at the moment, or my feelings. It has become a meditative process that takes on a life of its own. The cash box has become a sort of impromptu gallery with rotating “art.”

If, as I believe, money is an energetic means of exchange, it should be given due respect—perhaps even blessed before being sent on its way into the universe. And while it’s being housed, why not give it a beautiful home? Perhaps small acts of random creativity as do random acts of kindness, have a ripple effect in consciousness. I would love to hear what everyday creativity looks like in your life. Please leave me a Comment.

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