Friday, September 18, 2009

Birth as Creative Expression

This week, my daughter delivered twin boys. They have had to fight for their right to be on this planet as they landed about a month early. I gaze in their eyes now as they explore and experience the universe...faces and voices that smile and coo, arms that hold, hands that stroke and touch, mouths that make kissy noises on their sweet little heads, nipples that provide sustenance, and all manor of beeps and blips from monitors and wires that poke into their fragile little bodies.

I was reminded of the saying, "It takes a village," as I watched doctors and nurses hover and skillfully minister to my grand babies those first hours of their life when they were so vulnerable that they couldn't even be held and loved by their mommy and daddy and grandma.

This is when I call upon my spiritual practice to know that this is God in action...these infants are an out picturing of the Divine, a creative expression of life itself in a unique and wondrous way. Nothing I could say or do or write or sing could even come close to THIS miracle of creative expression.

So, that's it for this week...perhaps I'll have recovered my words by next week.

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