Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Introverts Unite

I just stumbled upon a quote from Anne Lamott in her wonderful book Bird by Bird, in which she says "If you are writing the clearest, truest words you can find and doing the best you can to understand and communicate, this will shine on paper like its own little lighthouse. Lighthouses don't go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining."

For me, this is why "social networking" seems so counter-intuitive to my introverted self. I was embarrassed to ask people to read my blog. I felt like a two year old hollering "look at me!" (which is appropriate for a two year old). If this is true for you, and it's held you back, let me share the next piece with you.

I've received e-mails and comments from people saying my words have touched them in some way, helped them to see the world a little differently, to feel a little more compassion, to understand something familiar more deeply. THAT'S why it's important. We all have something hugely important in our own way to share with the world, whether we stand there quietly shining or yelling from mountain tops or anywhere in the green field of possibilities in between. Social networking is just another means of sharing that presence with one another. It took me about a decade to get that; I hope I've saved you some time. Do let me know your thoughts.


  1. I've never gone to a blog before. How does this work?


  2. Hi Karen...if you got as far as posting a question, and were able to access the site, then it's working! Yea. Every week or so I add a piece of writing, so you just check back in if anything I've said strikes you as relevant, or if you want to chime in on anything. Thanks for jumping on board! Jo

  3. I've heard that expression on a course I took called Attracting Perfect Customers. As an INTJ the metaphor of a lighthouse guiding your customers to you, met something different to me.

    I speak from my heart through my mouth and writing. I've learned to keep my message consistent and focused. I feel it's an obligation to share with introverts what I learned the hard way in 30 years of business sales.

    When I point people to my blog, I just feel that my lighthouse (standing true) light (to my mission and self) is on. Only the people who the message resonates will - follow that light. If I were yelling one message one day, then another day Tweeting something totally unrelated to my true self - and that lighthouse would move, those ships would just crash and never find the shore.

    As you say, it IS important that we shine our light to make our presence known.

    Lovely post.

  4. Hi Jo,

    being an introvert myself, I can totally relate to what you have to say. Starting my blog, I feel shy to inform others about it and to invite them to read. It is wonderful though to share one's thoughts and to have those thoughts be of benefit to others. I look forward to reading more from you.