Saturday, October 24, 2009

Isn't It Great When Things Just Work

Short post this week. I’ve been pondering how a series of small events, each unique in its own right and perhaps not an obvious part of the whole, can nonetheless impact the outcome. Without each piece in place, the outcome would be different. Sounds like life, right?

As I look back over my journey from childhood in a small semi-rural town in Iowa, to finding my place in a larger city as an adolescent, through individuating and launching myself into adulthood by joining VISTA, moving back and forth across the country, then marrying, moving, divorcing, moving again, marrying again, beginning a new career, having a child, completing my education, divorcing again, changing careers, coming out as a lesbian, partnering several times, stepping out as a writer, singer, actress, songwriter, and now moving into a new role as grandmother…all of that, the good and the challenging, made me, well, me. Some of the experiences were discordant and I couldn’t see how they were all going to fit into what I’d hoped to create as a fulfilling life. Some of the experiences I might have chosen to bypass at the time, but that would have altered the outcome.

Being a visual person, I’m offering yet another amazing video (thanks, Sis) that illustrates this point. In another lifetime perhaps I’ll try advertising. This IS creativity in action. Know as you watch that if just one piece were removed, the course would forever be altered. “Isn’t it great when things just work”:

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